Ancient Hemorrhoid Cream Works To Cure Hemorrhoids

Published: 13th August 2009
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People have been suffering from hemorrhoids for a long time. Here's a hemorrhoid cream that was invented in the first century AD. Between AD 40 and AD 90 a Greek Pharmacologist wrote about a hemorrhoid cure that people were making with a common herb called pilewort. A hemorrhoid cream made from pilewort was popular because the main ingredients grew all around them and the formula was easy to make.

Pilewort is a common herb that grows abundantly in the forests and grasslands of Europe and the United States. It probably also grows in other places of the world where the climate is similar to Europe. Pilewort has beautiful, small yellow flowers and the stem has a nubby appearance. The flowers are so beautiful that William Wordsworth wrote three poems about them.

Hemorrhoids can really make life difficult. You end up dealing with swelling of the veins around your anus. The vessels get filled with blood, the skin stretches so much that you end up with constant pain and itching. Some people end up with bleeding hemorrhoids that become very difficult to treat. Often, boils will appear around the anus giving a nubby appearance.

Back in the time of Peanius Dioscorides, they believed in a medical philosophy that was known as the "doctrine of signatures". The ancient "doctrine of signatures" believes that God marked objects with a sign or "signature" denoting their purpose. For instance, a plant bearing marks resembling human body parts would have useful relevance to those parts. So, according to this philosophy, since pilewort has a nubby appearance and so do hemorrhoids, it would be useful in the treatment for piles (or hemorrhoids).

This remedy, like most natural herbal remedies, lost favour in the light of "modern" medicine back in the Renaissance (approximately 16th century AD). However today, because of the failings of "modern" medicine, people are rediscovering natural hemorrhoids treatments.

You can use pilewort to cure hemorrhoids by taking it orally through the mouth or by applying it directly to the affected area in a poultice made with pilewort powder and ice. You can use pilewort as a hemorrhoid cream by mixing pilewort powder with organic aloe vera gel. Any herb will be more effective if it is sun-dried rather than artificially air dried, so try to get sun-dried pilewort leaves and stems and crush them up into a powder.

Applying pilewort helps to tone up your blood vessels and can help stop your hemorrhoids from bleeding as well.

A natural hemorrhoid cream made from pilewort can give you more hemorrhoid relief than some of the best hemorrhoid creams invented by "modern" medicine.

Learn more about how to make a natural hemorrhoid cream that can permanently get rid of hemorrhoids. Some people may need to lose fat quickly before they can get hemorrhoid relief.

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